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Cosmetic studio "FAMILY" is working with French professional cosmetics brands of the world market.


Natura Bissé

Continuing commitment to the company's research and development of new products has led to the creation of exclusive lines based on highly efficient products with extremely high concentrations of ingredients and new consistence.

Available therapies such as:

  • The Cure Collection - Cosmetic skin treatment.
  • Toleranse Ceutical Collection - procedure hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.
  • Vitamin C + C Face and Body - Vitamins against free radicals.
  • Diamond Collection - Global treatment of skin aging
  • Sculpturing body therapy.
  • Deep hydration for hands and feet and much more.


    SOTHYS - Beauty is everything

    The key to beauty lies in the maximum levels of natural ingredients combined with the latest active substances found in scientific laboratories. Rich in therapies designed for specific skin types. Brand enriches and adds durability, softness and comfort, charm and gentle beauty. Rich products for face and body and in the field of decorative cosmetics at a high level.

    It offers therapies such as:

    • spring-summer/autumn-winter - wonderful aromas and moments of relaxation;
    • Peel and Body Massage "Dream in the Rain"
    • hidrooptimal - for visibly beautiful and perfectly hydrated skin
    • anti-age therapy with hiloron



    Professional homeopathic care for beauty. Our cares about beauty are the result of daily searching and scientific research in cell biology.
    GERnetic products combine the best of the plant world - vitamins, oligo-elements, amino acids, proteins and supreme oils, whose active ingredients are 100% natural and guarantee optimal results without risk of allergy.
    It offers a wide range of products for face and body and nutritional supplements affect a lot of the problems we face.