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Козметика лице

Козметика тяло

Topical therapies for the season and new proposals:

  • Deep herbal peeling - regenerates and renews skin.

  • Triple for Body - peeling with coffee, nourishing mask with cactus and massage with manoa. Amazing magic of flavors carrying us to exciting far-away islands. Relax for the soul and wonderful skin care of your body.

  • Seasonal therapy with common polypody, cocoa and mint. The new proposal for the autumn-winter period of treatment with Sothys has aromas and active ingredients of common polypody - rich in minerals and oligoelements, mint - rich in vitamins, cocoa - which is one of the main antioxidants. This cocktail makes your skin soft, fresh and moisturized. Give your skin the freshness and shine that it deserves.

  • Therapy for feet and hands.

  • Treatment with vitamin C - vitamins against free radicals

  • Carbon Therapy

  • The Cure Collection - cosmetic treatment of skin